Our history

Venice Cold Stores is new in its layout, but with long-standing experience in the field of preservation of fresh and perishable products. It stems from the recuperation of an old industrial plant which is located in the so-called " West Insula" of the former industrial area, along the West canal of Porto Marghera. 
The site started its productive activity around the 1920s, it was rebuilt after the bombings of World War II and it underwent subsequent interventions in the early Sixties. The old bays, of which today remain only the external walls and roofings (completely refurbished) experienced the period of greatest production of the industrial site near Venice.
Today they stand as an example of the industrial archeology of recuperation and conversion, done from a "sustainable" perspective that represents the future of some areas that are no longer productive in the industrial sphere.


The restoration and renovation of the buildings where at present the three bays constituting VCS have risen, started in 2010 and ended in 2014 with the opening of VCS2 (picking area) and the activation of VCS3 (area dedicated to traditional logistics). Instead, VCS1 is dedicated to the preservation of products in compartmented and separate areas capable of ensuring diverse storage conditions and  temperatures.

Over 6 million euros have been invested in order to make VCS an efficient and modern facility.